I am a 32 year old PHP developer, living and working in the North East of England. I have just over eight years professional experience. Coming from a background in IT has helped me as a developer as I have been able to setup my own web servers. I have been interested in web development and all things technology since I was a child. I have been doing PHP code since the age of 12 and professionally since the age of 24.


Xbox Colors

Xbox Colors was a small personal project I started to allow users to change their Xbox Dashboard colors to any 3 chosen colors, not just the palettes provided by Microsoft. It was also a nice oppertunity for me to play a little more with VueJS outside of thow away projects, and internal micro services within my day job.



MyGamerProfile.net is a project I started contributing on in mid 2013. I started with just helping with code snippets to assist in issues the developer was having at the time. During this time I struck up a good friendly relationship with the owners and have since became good friends and a main developer on the project. This is an ongoing project and due to an ourstanding NDA I am unable to talk more about this.



XboxAPI is a personal project I started back in 2012. I had the code to login to xbox.com for years and wanted to make use of it. The site was origionally written in Codeigniter and would login to xbox.com to get gamers information to use on various sites. Since then the site has been re-written in Laravel 4 and now is using an undocumented API provided by Microsoft.


Idiot Is A Choice

This was built while working at Cloud Data Service with the designs from Firebrand Digital. Note This site is no longer live.